Bridging Finance Crowd invites high net worth and accredited investors to participate in lending to our clients.

Investing through Bridging Finance Crowd is only available to high net worth and sophisticated investors as defined by the Corporation ACT 2001 and who subscribe to the information memorandum invitation we provide.

You get a choice of the individual loan(s) that you wish to participate in, across a range of different product offerings. These include first and second registered mortgage loans on either residential or commercial property.

We provide investors attractive investment returns via our mortgage-backed contributory investment model. Our experienced management team provides stringent assessment standards and portfolio management.

If you are interested in becoming an investor, call us on 1300 991 121 to find out more.

Total Transparency

We are open and transparent; every investor is acutely aware of the deal they are entering and risks that are involved when lending to borrowers.

Wealth of Experience

The team have extensive experience in dealing with investors and assisting them to meet their investment needs.

Risk Assessment

A Credit Committee thoroughly vets each deal - our ultimate aim is to protect our investors from potential loss.